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Stateside with Stephanie

OFFPRICE back with new smart and savvy approaches on site

Stephanie Selesnick captures some of the new approaches being implemented on the show floor as exhibitions return in the US

T arsus ’ s OFFPRICE Show took place second week of February 2022 at The Sands Expo as part of Las Vegas Fashion Week , marking a complete return to its pre-pandemic cycle with shows in August and February . In February 2021 , the show was held as part of Pop-Up Orlando with MAGIC and WWIN – one of the first large in person shows to open in the US . The show ’ s attendees range from small business owners to retailers of national chain stores .

I visited the 2022 show at Sands Expo and wanted to share some of the things OFFPRICE did right in celebrating and rewarding its visitors with a series of three free events , all held on the show floor .
The opening day of the show coincided with the US Super Bowl , arguably the largest annual sporting event in the country . Responding to the challenge , OFFPRICE held ‘ The Big Game Party ’, a Super Bowl party in a park-like atmosphere on the show floor . Visitors were treated to themed food and drinks and were able to play games and awarded prizes .
Why it was smart : Facing competition for buyers ’ attention , holding a party with the televised game on many screens enabled visitors to both watch and shop the show floor without ever leaving . Keeping bodies on the show floor
Top : Stephanie Selesnick
“ Keeping bodies on the show floor when they had many alternatives was smart ” when they had many alternatives was smart .
Another day featured the ‘ Boutique Hub Tour ’, a guided tour of a higher-end specialty area . Participants were treated to free mimosas and snacks along the way .
Why it was savvy : What a wonderful way to highlight a pavilion on the show floor . Let your subject matter experts talk trends while showcasing exhibitors within the pavilion – and who doesn ’ t love free food and drink ?
Lastly , OFFPRICE highlighted its cash and carry area ( where exhibitors directly sell their products on the show floor and visitors take the products with them ) with the ‘ Cash & Carry Sip n ’ Shop ’. The show stayed open an hour later providing buyers complimentary drinks while they shopped the show floor .
Why it was clever : This relatively new area provided buyers a chance to circumvent supply chain issues , instead , paying and taking products ( primarily jewellery and accessories ) home to sell right away . Plus , free bubbly .
What special events and offerings can you provide on the expo floor to enhance the buying experience ?
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