Exhibition World Issue 2 — 2020 - Page 58

Sustainability Why invest in a reusable exhibition stand? Challenging times can provide more strategic thinking time than usual for planning ahead. Here, Jim Challenger highlights the possibilities of using exhibition stands with multiple uses, in line with the growing focus on ‘being green’ s technologies continue to evolve so, too, does the potential impact of graphic display exhibition stands. A popular choice for creating the ‘wow factor’, fabric graphics can ensure a seamless, crease-free and impactful solution for such events. However, as the world at large has increased its awareness of society’s environmental issues, it has been necessary for companies across all sectors to adopt a far greater ‘eco stance’. In fact, there has never been such a keen eye on firms to make changes and ‘do their bit’ in the fight to protect the Earth. As well as hitting corporate ‘eco’ targets, reusable or recyclable stands will help to achieve better ROI from exhibition attendance, while also ensuring ease when requiring identical graphics at multiple events. Key things to consider are: 1. Impactful, reusable lightboxes no longer have to include a hefty price tag and – with no detriment to the product quality – the cost per use makes these a worthwhile addition to any stand. 2. Energy-efficient LED lights can be easily incorporated into solutions in a variety of ways – including digitally- programmable options which portray an essence of movement, such as the flow of a powerful waterfall or an explosion of fireworks. 3. Interchangeable graphics enable the displays to be altered as required – meaning that the stand structure can be re-used at multiple exhibitions, but have a completely different look and feel. 4. Lightweight and rollable display solutions are available, enabling graphics to be safely stored and transported until they are required again. 5. The ability to break down products Above: Fitbit, example of reusable stand into smaller packages ensures that transportation of the products is easy, and carbon footprint is reduced. 6. The more ‘eco-conscious’ providers will offer a return to base model, where graphics can simply be sent back to the manufacturer and recycled, rather than being disposed of. 7. As hardware becomes more flexible, the ease of use in exhibition stands is constantly increasing. Exhibitions – by their very nature – can be expensive and difficult to plan for, which can often mean brands are accepting of expensive yet lacklustre displays, that are only single-use. Innovations now mean exhibitors are able to think beyond this mindset – accepting that it is possible to create visually stunning event spaces without breaking the bank. The amount of waste left behind after tradeshows and conferences have taken place can be overwhelming. So, in addition to maximising clients’ return on investment, reusable solutions also address this issue. Jim Challenger is technical sales manager at Leach, a Yorkshire, UK- based graphic display specialist with a 125-year heritage 58 Issue 2 2020 w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk