Exhibition World Issue 2 — 2020 - Page 41

GED/ICEgateway Voices of the Exhibition Industry Safe and sound ICE Gateway’s latest product provides smart, flexible exhibition security UFI’s latest campaign is raising its voice for Global Exhibition Day UFI, the global association of the exhibition industry, is promoting a new campaign ‘Voices of the Exhibition Industry’, as part of Global Exhibition Day 2020. Global Exhibition Day 2020 falls on 3 June. The ’Voices’ campaign looks to showcase the diversity of the exhibitions industry, encouraging eventprofs to explain what they do, how they got into it, and why they love working in exhibitions. This could come in the form of an infographic or a video. There are examples to be found on UFI. TV, as well as on social media at #GED2020. Global Exhibitions Day is a worldwide celebration of the exhibitions and events industry and everyone involved in it. It highlights the power of face-to-face exhibitions to boost business, jobs, innovation and local investment. The campaign focuses on messages that promote the value of exhibiting for companies, the key support role of exhibitions for the development of trade and internationalisation, and the stimulating role exhibitions play in driving innovation and competitiveness of companies. UFI facilitates GED by inviting everyone working in exhibitions and trade shows to take part in this campaign, organising and sharing initiatives that promote the industry. w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk Flexible monitoring through innovative sensor technology Remote and mobile — 28 hours battery life Access authorisation through customisable chip Automatic alarm triggering with intervention 24/7 person- independent application ICE Gateway has released its latest exhibition security product, iceDETECT. iceDETECT is a flexible monitoring system that uses sensors to provide security to exhibition stands. It can monitor exhibition space 24 hours a day, and triggers the alarm automatically in case of unauthorised entry. The integrated Mobile Edge Computer ensures that all data is analysed and transmitted in real time. It uses two different sensors to recognise those around it, ensuring that venue and security staff do not set off the alarm. iceDETECT is easy to transport and set up, taking the form of a tripod with the sensor on top. It has 28 hours of battery life. PIR (Passive-Infrared-Motion detector) sensors measure the temperature and radar sensors detect movements. Both systems in combination ensure a secured result. Furthermore, three additional sensor systems are integrated in order to prevent manipulation and theft. A statement on the ICE Gateway website reads: “Planning security personnel is a complex and time-consuming process: contracts are short-term, often last- minute, and scheduled shifts must not be cancelled. iceDETECT was designed exactly for this reason: it is a reliable mobile application which is available at any time and almost independent from human support.” Issue 2 2020 41