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Abu Dhabi

Jewel in the Crown

Abu Dhabi has become one of the world ' s most prestigious destinations for events he capital of the UAE , Abu Dhabi , is the largest of the country ’ s seven emirates . It sits on the north-eastern stretch of the Arabian Gulf . Oman lies to its east , while the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia borders its southern and western boundaries .
Abu Dhabi ’ s main city actually sits on an island , and it is widely believed that the first settlement was founded in the late 1700s .
To mark the founding of a new settlement , the tribe constructed a watchtower near a well , which stands tall even today as the oldest building in Abu Dhabi – the historic Qasr Al Hosn , which was extensively renovated in the 2010s . The surrounding quarters served as the home of the ruling Al Nahyan family for almost two centuries and witnessed the remarkable rise of Abu Dhabi , from a humble pearl farming and fishing village to a mega player in the global oil industry and now a prime travel and events destination .
While the history of the city dates to the 18th Century , its roots go far deeper , although very little is known about life in Abu Dhabi before the 1700s .
The earliest evidence of civilisation in the region goes back to 6000 BCE , with significant archaeological finds suggesting that nomadic communities have inhabited the area since the Neolithic Age .
Modern history
In 1952 , the seven emirates which today make up the UAE , formed an alliance known as the Trucial States , but oil was discovered some six years later , changing the course of history for the entire region .
The Trucial States began a period of modernization , and in 1966 HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan became the
Al Ain , Abu Dhabi ’ s Garden City
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