Exhibition News September 2022 | Page 19


Bubbling up

ExpoPlatform founder Tanya Pinchuk tells Emily Wallin that whilst the purely virtual bubble may have burst , tech innovation can help face-to-face events rise to the top

ExpoPlatform was born from Ukraine-born founder Tanya Pinchuk ’ s entrepreneur visa application back in 2013 .

Pinchuk envisaged a smart event technology solution that could enhance live in-person events – and says most of their original business plan is now in full swing .
The Cambridge-based AIpowered event management
platform more than doubled its workforce in the past 12 months .
Pinchuk recognises the virtual event bubble is bursting – but says their success is down to their ability to measure and grow the value at face-to-face exhibitions .
“ At the core of our platform is an AI matchmaking algorithm ,” Pinchuk says describing how ExpoPlatform works .
Tanya Pinchuk
“ It ’ s person-to-object matchmaking , which is different or more extended to person-to-person , where we provide suggestions and recommendations to every visitor and exhibitor of people to meet , but also products to view , companies to get in touch with , sessions to attend , news to read , different types of objects based on their interests and behaviour .
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