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Includes: Guests have access to a beauty parlour, private bar, café, spa facilities and more *. - Festival Ticket *** - Lockable doors, - Kitchen area including sink - Oven or microwave and fridge - Bathroom with shower, WC** and sink - Real beds and bedding, a table and seating, cupboards, mirrors, windows & curtains/blinds, heating / air-conditioner. - TV, entertainment system, and also: - Breakfast included every day (Wed – Sat) - Banquet Meal (included Wed – Sat) - Our amazing Sunday lunch - Mains Power - 24hr Staff & Security - Parking for one car (extra can be reserved for £50 per space). * Extra charges may apply. **Please note the 2 berth Airstreams do not have toilet facilities inside. ***Does not include Interstage Access.