Exchange to Change | September 2015 | Page 20

Congratulations Life after IOB On Thursday 25 June 2015, the day of the IOB anniversary party, we organized two complementary events. First, an information session was organized for graduating students (and alumni) on opportunities for ‘life after IOB’. A general presentation on how to finance research/ PhD and several information booths provided information on PhD, consultancy, internship opportunities to interested students. As the information event was also combined with an alumni meet and greet, it provided an opportunity for graduating students to talk to alumni as well as alumni to reminisce about the good old days … Alumni Applause Khalil Bitar ( IOB alumnus, 2011-12) has recently published two articles on evaluation. He will now be starting a PhD in Germany. • Bitar, K. (2015) “Evaluation under occupation: The role of evaluators in protecting and promoting social justice and equality in conflict-affected and fragile contexts (the case of the occupied Palestinian territory)”, in: Rosenstein, B. and Desivilya Syna, H. (eds.), Evaluation and social justice in complex sociopolitical contexts. New Directionsfor Evaluation, 146: 107–117. • Bitar, K., Hbeichi, R., Zoabi, L. and Russon, C. (2015) “Evaluation capacity development through cluster evaluation”, Journal of MultiDisciplinary Evaluation, 11(24): 68-75. Mohammad Jasim Uddin, IOB alumnus 2008-09, has recently published a book entitled ‘The Micro-politics of Microcredit: Gender and Neoliberal Development in Bangladesh’ (ASAA Women in Asia Series), Routledge. Damien Kudada Banza (IOB alumnus, 2001-02) has published a book entitled ‘Problématique de l’intégration politique en Afrique centrale. La théorie de la justice de John Rawls à l’épreuve de la réalité africaine’, published by L’Harmattan. Anton Willems , (IOB alumnus 2004-05) and subdirector of Concytec, the National Council of Science, Technology and technological Innovation in Peru, in an interview on national television (in Spanish) explains how Concytec will support new research projects with the aim to strengthen synergies between the academic and the business world. detailpage Opportunities & events A new round of (online) applications for VLIR-UOS scholarships to study an IOB advanced Master in Development studies starts on the 1st of November. Be sure to share the information with your friends and colleagues through Facebook and mail! Website: 20