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IN THE PICTURE 15 Desk study in Italy with Carlotta Research topic Identifying the main factors which lead to violent extremism in developing countries. Motivation • The Global Terrorism Index points to a drastic rise in the number of deaths due to violent extremism and terrorism in 2014 (IEP, 2015). • Many actors interested in understanding the drivers of violent extremism but available data and empirical stu dies are limited to violent extremism which represents a threat for the West. • This study seeks to help close this gap through an analysis of the main causes of violent extremism in developing countries. Methodology The analysis is based on desk research of secondary sources such as scientific literature and reports published by the UN, USAID, Global Terrorism Index report... The study employs the Political Economic Analysis (PEA) approach to understand the underlying ‘push’ and ‘pull’ factors associated with violent extremism in developing countries. Outline of your typical day or of a very interesting atypical day in the field Working as project manager in the development sector has kept me far from my country for many years. The dissertation period was therefore a timely opportunity to go back to Italy and spend some time with my family. Below is a typical day of this two- month period. 07:30 I wake up. After many days abroad, it is nice to wake up in my own bed at my parents’ place. 08:00 Tea time (Yes! I am an atypical non-coffee-loving Italian :-) ) and Italian breakfast with my parents: bread, jam, fruit and yoghurt and tea. 08:30 I start working on my dissertation I have to deal with some comments from my supervisor. Still a long way to go…. 10:00 10:00 already... I must work faster. The summer is very hot here (up to 40 degrees!) and it becomes very difficult to focus after 12:00. 12:30 14:00 I help my mum to prepare lunch. Meals are important family moments: we spend time together, share news and information and discuss about politics or the socio-economic situation in Italy and in the world. Today, I want to hear their thoughts about what can motivate a person to embrace a violent extremist cause. I take a break (an hour in general) and give attention to my reading of the moment: “Il ritorno” (“The Return”) by Hisham Matar. I try to read a book each week, preferably historical novels. 15:00 Call of duty: back to my dissertation. Afternoons are generally devoted either to reading new articles or to revising what I'd written in the morning. 20:00 Well-deserved fun: Going out with my friends to enjoy summer events in Bologna: concerts, open air art cinema, exhibitions, guided tours by actors... E xchange to change S eptember 2017