Exchange to Change Sept 2016 - Page 9

This was the year 2015-2016 QUOTE It is no exaggeration to describe my year at IOB/Antwerp as enriching and rewarding. In fact, the well-structured curriculum of IOB and the multicultural environment has made me a better person, and this serves QUOTE as a springboard of reaching greater heights in my academic and professional pursuits. OTe QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE Briefly, my IOB experience has been a foundation, a wall and a roof for my future life experience. QUOTE Bundle of Awesomeness Enriching, Demanding, Worthwhile QUOTE QUOTE QUOTe My year at IOB was full of opportunities to learn from diverse sources. The diversity at IOB made me feel I am getting educated in as many countries at the same time. Without any exaggeration, IOB is a grand fountain of knowledge and wisdom. QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE Exchange to change September 2016 9