Exchange to Change Sept 2016 - Page 5

at iob Congratz! Alumni applause Mateo Porciúncula (IOB alumnus, 2014-15, Uruguay) and Robayt Md. Khondoker (IOB alumnus, 2014-15, Bangladesh) have started publishing some interesting development related articles on their blog called “Dev Talk” (https:// It is meant to showcase their work to the development world, but also as a medium to be available for IOB friends and colleagues. If you’re interested in sharing some of your work on this blog, please contact: [email protected] • Aynul Islam (IOB alumnus, 2009-10, Bangladesh) co-authored an article on nuclear security and safeguards: Md. Shafiqul Islam and Aynul Islam (2016) “Nuclear Security and Safeguards in Bangladesh: Mapping risks and Way out”, International Journal of Nuclear Energy Science and Technology, 10 (2): 123-145. • Precillia Tata (IOB alumna, 2007-08, Cameroon) successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “The Contribution of Fruit from Trees to Improve Household Nutritional Security in the Context of Deforestation in Cameroon” in May 2016 at Rhodes University, South-Africa. • Jesenia Verdezoto (IOB alumna, 2010-11, Ecuador) presented some of her ongoing PhD research during an IOB seminar: “Distance matters: Investigating absence from children’s accounts (Ecuador)” on 23 June 2016. Exchange to change September 2016 5