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Contents    E2C                                   To contact us: IOB - Universiteit Antwerpen Lange St.-Annastraat 7 2000 Antwerp e-mail: [email protected] website: 4 ALUMNI APPLAUSE Congratulations to all alumni for all the hard work they have done! 6 HOw much of an activist are you? Students, alumni and staff testify about their activist agenda! 11 IOB GOING GLOBAL IOB is globalising its education through intensified partnerships all over the world. 12 in the meantime at Iob What has been going on lately at IOB? 14 student profile Maaz Mamond arrived in Belgium on 29 June 2015 to apply for political asylum and is now following the Master Development Evaluation and Management to create change in his country. 16 alumni in the picture Four alumni talk about their about their time at IOB, ongoing work and future plans. 18 OPPORTUNITIES AND EVENTS Be sure not to miss out on these future alumni events in 2017 2/2017 • © IOB - Universiteit Antwerpen EtC team: Sahawal Alidou, Hans De Backer, Sara Dewachter, Joëlle Dhondt, Bruna Do Rego, Mollie Gleiberman, Lisa Popelier and Sarah Vancluysen E xchange to change M ay 2017