Exchange to Change June 2015 - Page 12

without reflecting on the potential consequences of what they draw or say. Art allows them to express themselves without being constrained by their limited flexibility in using language. Eyad El Balawi is currently a DEM student at IOB. He is passionate about the arts and has tried to pave the way for arts to play a central role in education for children. Eyad writes poems for children’s books and has been involved in various initiatives in Gaza that bring the arts to the general public. Exchange to Change asked him about his experiences with arts as a tool for social change. EtC: Why do you think art can be a means to bring about social change? Art allows you to touch the hearts of people directly. You do not need a lot of intermediary tools to deliver your message. Your song, for instance, can be played in a car, at school, at home or in any other place you like. Experiences from the field in triggering social change through the arts Even though art is a relatively inexpensive tool, your message can still have a long-term effect. In addition, art is a good instrument to deliver your message because it is easy to understand. In our areas, for instance, it would not be a good idea to write difficult articles to spread your me