Exchange to Change June 2015 | Page 4

Featuring … the IOB ALUMNI Panel Because Exchange to change is an alumni magazine, we felt that the alumni‘s voice should echo louder! Hence, we proudly present our second alumni panel. Five alumni (re)introduce themselves, the city where they live and share with you their views on the topics tackled in our magazine. Nurina Asri Savitri | Jakarta, Indonesia Master of Governance and Development | 2013 Nicolas Espinoza | Santiago, Chili Master of Development Evaluation & Mgt | 2003 Abhinav Alexander Dutt | Raipur, India Master of Development Evaluation & Mgt | 2013 Wikus Kruger | South Africa Master of Development Evaluation &Mgt | 2012 Assan Ng’Ombe | Zambia (living in Kenya) Short training programme Governance | 2010 4 5