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Contents    E2C                                   To contact us: IOB - Universiteit Antwerpen Lange St.-Annastraat 7 2000 Antwerp e-mail: [email protected] website: 4 ALUMNI APPLAUSE Congratulations to all alumni for all the hard work they have done! 6 The rohingya crisis: Genocide or not? Aung Zaw Min, Eva Albers and Abu Said Juel Miah will shed their light on this historic migration crisis. 10 in the meantime at Iob What has been going on lately at IOB? 12 ALUMNI IN THE PICTURE Ivan Ashaba is the latest addition to IOB staff and alumna Monica Aciru presents her PhD research 16 alumni Panel Four alumni talk about their about their time at IOB, ongoing work and future plans. 16 Natural resources in Botswana Botswana as a success story of escaping the resource curse. 20 OPPORTUNITIES AND EVENTS Be sure not to miss out on these IOB events in 2018 1/2018 • © IOB - Universiteit Antwerpen EtC team: Sahawal Alidou, Hans De Backer, Sara Dewachter, Joëlle Dhondt, Mollie Gleiberman, Maria Perez Quintana, Lisa Popelier, Kujiek Ruot and Sarah Vancluysen E xchange to change J anuary 2018