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seen that firsthand in this election . However , I am still optimistic about the future of American democracy . We have a strong system of checks and balances to protect our democratic values , as well as an independent press corps and millions of citizens dedicated to ensuring the safety of our democracy .
E2C : Do you think that the practice of democracy “ at home ” affects US efforts for democracy promotion in other countries ? In other words , how well do you think the US “ practices what it preaches ” when it comes to democracy ?
KL : Democracy often means accepting an unfavorable outcome ; even in this extremely polarized and high-stakes election , all candidates peacefully conceded and accepted the results , which is a crucial part of a functioning democracy . In this election , we saw numerous attempts to subvert democracy . Foreign actors hacked and released the emails of Hillary Clinton ’ s campaign staff , exposing the Democratic National Committee ’ s partisan role in the Democratic primaries . Our democracy isn ’ t perfect , but the election of Trump does not prove to me that democracy isn ’ t working well at home ; it proves the opposite . Despite all the attempts to stop his candidacy by the leadership of both parties , the American people chose him . And although I disagree with their choice , it shows me that our democracy is still in our hands .
E2C : Which result surprised you most : Brexit , Trump or the rejection of the Colombian peace agreement ? Why ?
KL : I found the rejection of the Colombian peace agreement to be extremely surprising . After decades of fighting , many Colombians still chose vengeance ( or justice , depending on your perspective ) over peace . While Trump and Brexit were undoubtedly shocking , there was no serious risk of violence .
United States elections results : Electoral College Vote
United States elections results : Popular vote
Other 1 %
Other 6 %
Clinton 42 %
Trump 57 %
Clinton 48 %
voter turnout 58 %
Trump 46 %
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