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in the picture alumni

Renata Nunes Duarte GLOB 2012-13 | Brazil
Where do you work ?
International relations analyst at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs .
How did IOB experience affect your life / career ?
IOB was a great experience both personally and professionally . I had the chance to meet people from all over the world , share experiences and learn a lot about other countries ’ experiences in development , management and values . I have deconstructed many idealistic / romantic views on development issues , learning how to deal with questions that matter in people ’ s lives . In addition , it helped me to achieve some of my career goals and opened some new opportunities for me . Besides , I made friends for life all over the world !
In 2016 , several outcomes of ‘ democratic processes ’ have been perceived as rather surprising . Which result surprised you the most : Brexit , Trump or the rejection of the Colombian peace agreement ? Choosing only one of these 3 outcomes is a difficult task . I would add the impeachment process in my country to this list as well . But , because of my personal and geographical ties with Colombia , I believe the popular rejection of the peace agreement is a great example of how people in South America in general are divided and look at their countries ’ issues through the wrong lenses . Peace is always the best deal , even if it is not perfect .
Adamon Ndungu Mukasa GOV 2010-11 | Ivory Coast
Where do you work ?
I am currently a Consultant in the Development Research Department of the African Development Bank ( Ivory Coast ). I am involved in a project called “ Structural Transformation of African Agriculture and Rural Spaces –
STAARS ”, a multi-year project aimed at advancing policyoriented research on issues related to agriculture in Africa .
The project is a collaboration between the African Development Bank ( AfDB ),
Cornell University , African
Economic Research Consortium ( AERC ), Partnership for Economic Policy ( PEP ) and the World Bank . I am an Associate Professor of Economics at the Universite Catholique de Bukavu ( DR Congo ).
How did IOB experience affect your life / career ?
My IOB experience helped me work in a multidisciplinary environment with people from various backgrounds and profiles . This is particularly crucial for my current job in which I have to interact daily with different people from around the world .
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