Exchange to change February 2016 - Page 15

Carola Betzold My name is Carola Betzold, I am a new post-doc at IOB. I am originally from Germany, but did my PhD (on the role of NGOs in climate change negotiations) in Zurich in Switzerland and completed another post-doc at the University of Gothenburg’s School of Global Studies in Sweden. My research is on climate change politics, and adaptation politics in particular. During my year at IOB, I will continue my post-doc project on the role of aid for adaptation in developing countries. I have a special interest in small island developing states and did first fieldwork in the Comoros (a small island country between Madagascar and Mozambique) in March 2015. Els Lecoutere I am Els Lecoutere, I have a one-year position as a post-doctoral researcher at IOB. I recently returned to Belgium from Uganda, where I lived for four years. I will continue research on collective action problems at the intra household level in relation to investment and consumption behaviour. I specifically study coffee farming households in Uganda (possibly also in Tanzania). Apart from my interest in issues to do with gender and development, I’m also passionate about common pool resources, and other collective action challenges. 15