EXCEL Newsletter Volume 24 Issue 1 - Page 5

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EXCEL Awards $15,000 in Supplemental Aid

The Evens Waterfall in early February (Photo: Nikki Culbertson).

Congratulations to the 12 EXCEL students who were awarded supplemental grant aid this year in the amount of $1,250 each. A total of $15,000 was awarded this semester. The money is made available by the federal government to be directly awarded to EXCEL students. Students must apply to be eligible.

Government regulations require that students must be receivng a Pell grant and have freshman or sophomore standing with remaining financial need of $635 or more. The EXCEL

program requires that students have an updated Student Action Plan on file and recommend a minimum of seven face-to-face or virtual tutoring or advising contacts.

EXCEL will again be awarding $15,000 in supplemental grant aid in the spring of 2022. The same requirements will remain in place. EXCEL will email, text, and post through Learning Center social media accounts to notify EXCEL students when the application process begins in the Fall.


Robbin Stegall