Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 34

TRIP REPORTS Restoring History 14 th -15 th December 2019 Participants Member No. Alan Sellars (TL) Ed Reddick Karen McLean Bob Aitken 1548 1623 1737 978 Vehicle Details Patrol FJ Cruiser Passenger (Ed) Landcruiser Two Years ago, Noel Lees, a ranger at Erica DELWP, contacted me and said he had another hut that needed repairing. Bells Hut is in the Baw Baw area which is my designated area to look after. On the 14th and 15th of December 2019, members of the Pajero Club of Victoria formed a volunteer work group which went on site and started the restoration of Bells Hut. Derek Bardsley and I met with Noel one weekend and he took us to the area were the hut is. After climbing over rocks and through blackberries, we had our first look at Bells Hut. Bells Incline Hut was built after the 1939 fires by the Forestry Commission, for workers to stay in while collecting the burnt wood. A tramway line was built into the area to take out the timber. Bells Hut also had a stable and horse yards. It is believed Bells Hut is the only forestry hut still standing. I subsequently contacted Wayne Peterken, CEO of VHHA, and told him about the hut. We followed this up with some calls to David Vaskess ( Forestry Manager DELWP Baw Baw) and then got the go ahead to restore the hut. Additional information accredited to Noel Lees Noel Lees, who has since retired, arranged to cut some Yellow Box timber for use on the rebuild. Mark Turra of DELWP also arranged some timber and iron sheets for the roof.