Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 23

TRIP REPORTS It was mid-afternoon, so Exploratory theme kicked in again and Michael Kony took us to the Rubicon area to camp for the night. Michael has been travelling to this area for many years and knew some fishing spots. We settled in at the Tin Hut camping area near the Rubicon hydro-electric power station. Recently built drop-toilets helped the comfort levels. Michael described the fishing spots he knew in the area, so we all looked forward to landing a fish the next day. The sound of the Rubicon River nearby was a nice way to head off to sleep. Men and campfires! Sunday 29 th Dec 2019 - Day 2 The night had cooled off, so sleeping was more comfortable and allowed some decent rest. No low range stuff today – it’s all about fishing. There was no further luck at the next spot. It was now mid-afternoon and 44 degrees, so we decided to call it a day and head home. Michael took us further up the Royston River Road to his first spot. Thanks again to all who joined the trip and made it an easy first trip-leader experience for me. Success!!! Michael landed the first trout, followed by Rob & Curtis landing fish too. We explored that are a little more. The fish came off the bite, so Michael took us to his next spot however the track was closed, so we headed into Thornton for a bistro lunch. As it was now getting very hot – 40-odd degrees, I wasn’t keen on going to my trout fishing spot because it is very open. Rob remembered another spot that had some cover, so off we went – exploratory again. You’ll probably notice I haven’t mentioned the actual fishing locations – if you want to know where they are – join me on my next trip! Terry Barbie #1906