Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 22

TRIP REPORTS 4WD Fly Fishing Exploratory #1 28 th -29 th December 2019 Participants Terry Barbie (TL) Michael Kony Rob & Curtis Dickson Kuriakose Family - Lejoe, Biji, Lynette and Leanna James Cooke Saturday 28 th Dec 2019 - Day 1 My first trip as Trip Leader - about time some have said! The only caveat for this trip was there was no promise of catching a fish. We met at the Black Spur Inn at 9:30 for a coffee, before heading out to our first fishing spot of the day. Member No. 1906 1872 1945 1811 1855 Vehicle Details Mitsubishi Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero Mitsubishi Pajero Toyota Landcruiser 79 Pajero Sport We eventually arrived at Anderson Mill camping area, used for horse riding, camping and caravanners. It was still early in the day and as the trip title says the exploratory component of the trip kicked in, so we headed off the Keppel Hut. The first spot near Granton was not easily accessible due to private property, so we moved to the second fishing spot on Coach Road, a little east of Narbethong. We were able to cast our lines but had no luck. This spot was small and really didn’t offer many opportunities to land a fish. Time to move on. The next plan was low range driving on Strickland Spur track, however when we arrived at the southern end of this track it was closed for road and bridge maintenance. Plan B kicked in - follow the black top further south to Eiglin Road then join Wilks Creek Road. Wilks Creek Road was initially easy-going gravel, however we finally and happily hit some low-range stuff. The low-range part consisted of some steep and loose rocky driving. Wilks Creek Road settled down to easy dirt surface again though we stopped several times to clear small trees overhanging the track. Rob’s son, Curtis, was a great help clearing the trees with a small handsaw. Keppel Hut Track Lejoe led the Keppel Hut part of the driving which provided some more low-range driving. Keppel Hut had good, recently renovated facilities. At this point James Cooke and Lejoe’s family left the trip. It was great to have them along and thank you to Lejoe for showing us Keppel Hut.