Exceed 4WD Magazine Jan/Feb 2020 Issue 1 Volume 37 - Page 16

TRIP REPORTS 5 Day High Country Explorer 25 th -28 th January 2019 Participants Anthony Saul (TL) Peter Armstrong Ian Salmon (TL) Alistair Salmon Alan Mai Tony Lear Paul Henshall Peter Cooney Member No. 597 Temp 1078 Temp 277 1400 657 538 Day 1: Paul Henshall The team gradually gathered at Jamieson and had morning tea at Debs Cafe. We departed Jamieson at Approx. 1030hrs. Anthony, team leader 1, took us along Jamieson-Woods Points Rd but to the surprise of Tony as we turned into Sappers TK the second team leader, Ian, moved into lead and he lead for the rest of the day. We moved up Sappers TK to Ferguson Saddle Rd, along Ferguson at a three way intersection Paul not knowing right from left turned left and after 1km he realized he was on the wrong track, eventually he caught up with the team, from that incident all corners were marked. Ferguson Saddle was steep and rough in many sections, this was the start rough & tuff experience the leaders advised in the trip invitation. Eventually we arrived at Silvermine Spur TK after approx. 4.5km we arrived at the The River Inn, an Inn with no beer, we had lunch at the Inn, on the Jamieson River. After lunch we followed the Jamieson river on the Silvermine Spur TK until we reached the Mt Sunday Rd which we climb up from 600m to 1400m to Mt Sunday at which there was a helicopter pad, there was no view due to low misty cloud. We climbed down from Mt Sunday to the Mt Sunday Rd, in parts this Track was very bendy and narrow. We passed the Alps Walking Track. We crossed the Barkly River through a culvert. We arrived at an intersection with Bitch Spur but we could not go along Bitch Spur as it was closed for road works, this stopped us from going to our planned camp site at. Instead we continued along Mt Sunday Track eventually finding a camp site on the Barley River. This site had a toilet and plenty of flat space for 8 hungry men to camp and enjoy. Anthony I really enjoyed this trip.