Examining Springfield’s Environmental Equity CLF Report DB | Page 2


Introduction and Context
Section One : Space Tree Canopy Lowest Tree Canopy Analyzed at Block Level Basal Area Impervious Surfaces Most Impervious Surfaces Analyzed at Block Level Plantable Space Most Plantable Space Least Plantable Space Brownfields
Section Two : Environment Land Surface Temperature RCP Model 8.5 2010-2039 RCP Model 8.5 2070-2099 Lowest Carbon Dioxide Sequestration and Air Pollution Removal Air Toxic Cancer Risk Asthma Traffic Proximity Section Three : Demographics Largest Population Highest Minority Population Percentage Highest Percentage of People Under 18 Years Old Highest Percentage of People Over 64 Years Old Highest Population of People with Limited English Speaking Highest Percentage of People in Poverty
Section Four : Scenarios Scenario One Scenario Two Scenario Three Scenario Four Scenario Five