Everything Horse magazine February 2014 - Page 52

can be worth their weight in gold. What are thermals (and why do you need them)? Base layers, long johns, leggings… whatever you call them, a good set of thermals can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying the winter weather. Here, Rachel Plant from Hot Togs, a company that specialises in advanced thermal wear, explains how thermals work and why they 52 Keeping warm when the weather’s against you can be really tricky. It’s tempting to throw on a jumper or jacket over a standard t-shirt but, in truth, you could be setting yourself up for a cold day. See, layering is a great idea, but it’s important that the materials used perform too. Take cotton- it doesn’t wick and just holds sweat next to your skin, leaving you feeling clammy when warm and cold as you cool down. Picking the right base layer, made from the right material removes this issue and has a lot of other benefits. Thermals help to keep you warm without adding bulk to your ensemble. From a visual point of view, it’s always nice to look trim. From a practical point of view, being dressed in bulky clothing when you’re trying to ride, bend down to pick out a hoof or put on boots makes everything much harder. As for why you need them, the truth is you could muddle by with layers of jumpers and coats all winter long. However, if you feel the cold and don’t want to be restricted or uncomfortable in your clothing…thermals Everything Horse UK Magazine • February 2014 • Issue 5