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DIGESTION - Naturally Good Digestion with Lifeforce from Alltech Naturally Good Digestion with Lifeforce from Alltech Good digestive health in horses is the secret to all round good health, including strong hooves and a shiny coat. The Lifeforce Range from Alltech is designed to deliver the correct combination of natural ingredients to optimise digestive health in horses. Offering horse owners a simple choice between three supplements the Lifeforce Range includes Lifeforce Focus, Lifeforce Elite and the original Lifeforce Formula and is aimed at horses in three specific lifestyles. LIFEORCE FOCUS is for leisure horses in low activity or those that spend a lot of time grazing. It creates an ideal digestive environment which allows good bacteria to work most effectively throughout the gut helping to prevent digestive upsets. It also addresses challenges related to weight loss and body condition and provides organic trace minerals that are more easily absorbed and maintained. LIFEFORCE ELITE is for competition horses and those often faced with stressful situations. The constant travelling and training of our top horses can have a negative impact on their digestive health. Lifeforce Elite supports a healthy immune system, increases the availability of antioxidants, stimulates an anti-inflammatory response and naturally maintains hydration which helps aid recovery. It creates an ideal digestive environment and enhances peak body and muscular condition. LIFEFORCE FORMULA is for breeding horses and those in moderate activity levels and provides the building blocks to enhance the body’s own natural immune system. It maintains a well balanced microflora in both gastrointestinal tract and the caecum, which allows your horse to extract maximum nutrients from all its feed sources. Lifeforce Formula also improves the quality of a mares’ milk which in turn promotes healthy growth in young foals, supports the reproductive system of both mares and stallions which increases the likelihood of a successful mating. The Lifeoforce Range is available in 5kgTubs which provides a three month supply. Prices start from £60 .Please visit www.lifeforcehorse.co.uk for more information, PERFORMANCE Keeping your Horse Happy with Verdo Bedding HEALTHY, HAPPY AND STABLE In the midst of winter, it’s inevitable that most horses will probably see more of their stable, than their field. The combination of bad weather and less daylight hours mean that your horse may be stabled for longer periods, so how can you keep him healthy and happy with this change of routine? Verdo Horse Bedding, the cost effective and environmentally friendly bedding solution gives Everything Horse readers some top tips for keeping your horse happy and healthy this season. Perhaps the most important factor to your horse’s well being is to introduce changes slowly to his routine. If you know you will be reducing his turnout, then start this process gradually before the bad weather or daylight completely fades. Suddenly going from all day/night turn out to being stabled for 8 hours or more can unsettle some horses. Make sure that your horse has plenty of roughage to munch on, when stabled. If your horse is a quick eater, choose a haynet with smaller holes or double up two haynets to slow down his eating. Stable toys can provide entertainment and fun and there are plenty on the market from snack balls PERFORMANCE - PER4MANCE BOOSTER by EQUIMINS Per4mance Booster Combining honey, glucose and ginseng, Equimins’ Per4mance Booster helps to boost body and mind. through to licks and play balls, but always introduce anything new to your horse whilst you are present and if in doubt always remove it before heading home. Your choice of bedding is also an important consideration over the winter months. Keeping a consistent and quality supply is essential. Fortunately Verdo Horse Bedding is manufactured here in the UK at our own plant, which is in production 364 days a year and because it’s a clever pellet bedding, it’s easy to store and takes up very little room, which unlike shavings and straw, means that you can buy in bulk if you are concerned that bad weather will interrupt delivery. Looking for a bedding product that has a low dust content is also key especially for those equines with respiratory issues, Verdo has less than 1% dust and as the pellets are heat treated and made only from virgin UK softwood, they are also hygienic and 100% biodegradable. Your bedding choice can make a difference to your horse’s feet too. Long periods standing on wet bedding can cause medical issues such as thrush and again Verdo is highly absorbent, able to absorb three times its own weight in liquid. Good stable management is of course key, so skipping out regularly and picking out feet also helps prevent problems. Even if the weather is awful, you should try and get your horse out of his stable for a leg stretch for a few minutes each day to break up his day and allow him to move properly. If your horse is used to being turned out with others, then allowing him to groom a friend over the stable door can help lift his mood and some horse owners report that putting up a stable mirror can also help. Whatever the winter weather, stabling your horse doesn’t have to mean his happiness and health has to suffer! The instant energy shot can be used when extra energy or concentration is required, to give a little extra umph. It’s ideal for those who event, hunt, jump and race and should be given at a rate of 50ml up to three times a day as need ed. www.verdohorsebedding.co.uk Per4mance Booster is available in 1L, 2.5L and 5L containers, and prices start from £10.75. For stockist enquiries: 01264 342 009 For more information see www.equimins.com, email sales@equimins.com or 46 Everything Horse UK Magazine • February 2014 • Issue 5 Issue 5 • February 2014 • Everything Horse UK Magazine 47