Everything Horse magazine February 2014 - Page 44

Are you Supplement Savy? Let Everything Horse UK point you in the right direction with a little help in understanding more about particular supplements available for your horse; February’s focus Breathing, Digestion & Performance In this months issue of Supplement Savy we look more closely at supplements from Dengie, EQUIMINS and Alltech, all of which focus on three factors that can effect our horses well being during the winter months; Breathing, Digestion and Performance. Poor quality forage and lack of ventilation in stables/barns can often effect our horses breathing. Prolonged stabling in the winter months can often lead to respiratory problems such as COPD. There are many supplements on the market today that are uniquely formed to help horses ‘breath easy’. Good digestion is key to a horses mood, temperament and well being. Standing still for long periods and the reduction of their natural forage during the winter means supplements are often recommended to help maximise digestive capabilities. Performance supplements are essential for the horse in ‘harder’ and more demanding types of work, they allow for essential nutrients to be replenished after strenuous exercise or competition and help maximise your horses recovery period. BREATHING RESPIRATORY CLEAR BREATHER by EQUIMINS Clear Breather £25.80. RESPIRATORY- AIR POWER BOOSTER by EQUIMINS Air Power Booster Clear Breather helps to support lung function. To help respiratory function and soothe the respiratory tract, Air Power Booster is a great product. It contains MSM, a bioavailable form of sulphur that’s important to lung tissue, along with hesperidin that works with ascorbic acid to support circulation of blood to the capillaries, to promote clear airways. Clear Breather is available in 700g and 1.4kg tubs where 700g will last up to 25 days and has a RRP of It contains honey, cider apple vinegar, aloe vera, menthol, eucalyptus oil and concentrated lemon juice and can be administered using an oral syringe once a day before exercise. It can also be given again in the evening if needed. DIGESTION DIGESTION - NATURAL VITALITY, DIGESTIVE HEALTH by DENGIE Supporting Digestive Health Dengie Natural Vitality Digestive Health Plus does exactly what it says on the tub – it helps to keep the digestive system in really good health. It is made specifically for horses and ponies in work, veterans or others that are underweight or in poor condition. The supplement – one of a range providing specific and complementary diet care – contains yeast metabolites and live yeast to promote gut health, aid fibre digestion and increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorous. It also includes a prebiotic to feed good bacteria, which lives in the gut. Digestive Health Plus can be given at a maintenance level all year round or a concentrated level during times of stress, such as during the competition season or when on box rest. Natural Vitality Digestive Plus, RRP: £27.57 £35.61 (1kg), RRP: £114.12 - £133.99 (10kg). DIGESTION INNER BALANCE PROBIOTICS by EQUIMINS Inner Balance Probiotics Inner Balance Probiotics can be used each day or as a pick me up, for horses who are stressed or following antibiotics. Equimins’ Inner Balance Probiotics supplement has been created to support the horse’s digestive system either daily or during times of stress. Inner Balance Probiotics can be added to feed or drinking water and come in 700g, 1.5kg and 3kg tubs, A 700g tub will last for 45 days and has a RRP of £24.25. Each scoop conta