Everything Horse magazine February 2014 - Page 24

Love is in the air YUMMY FOR YOUR HORSE’S TUMMY! Equine Enjoy Yums are a delicious natural horse treat created for the one you love! Available in 1.5lb, 5lb, 15lb tub, 20lb bulk box. Prices start from £10 for 1.5lb bag (64 treats). Rich in food value, Equine Enjoy Yums are not recommended for foals, insulin resistant horses, laminitics or those with Cushings Disease. Feeding guide: Maximum 10 treats daily www.shadowhorse.co.uk Find your Muddy Match for Valentine’s Day with Grub’s® Performance Footwear Are you looking for that perfect gift for a loved one this Valentine’s day? The Frostline™ boots from Grub’s are available in both ‘his’ and ‘hers’ styles and colours – making them an ideal gift for practical romantics. These performance neoprene boots are great for most working conditions and leisure activities, and they feature excellent grip with a TRAX™ sole and HEXZORB™ DURAPRENE™ technology for comfort. Combining the unique INSU-FOAM ULTRA™ technology with the advanced 5.0 thermal engineering, the Frostline™ boots are extremely versatile with their insulating and waterproof properties. The Frostline™ boots also boast the latest high specification including a SUPER-DRI™ lining for added warmth, UNDER FOOT CHASSIS™ technology and NITROCELL™ insulating and cushioning foot-bed for comfort. Why not splash out on his and hers boots? They are available in a range of colours including; Mossy Green, Black, Fuchsia, Violet and Camouflage which makes them great for field sports. The Frostline™ boots come in UK sizes 4-13 and they retail from around £70.00. For more information contact Grub’s on 01279 418052 or visit www.work-lite.com Give your loved one a message from the heart with these gorgeous Timothy FoxxTweed Note Hearts RRP £8.99 24 Everything Horse UK Magazine • February 2014 • Issue 5 Issue 5 • February 2014 • Everything Horse UK Magazine 25