Everything Horse Magazine August 2021 Issue 44 - Page 25

You ’ re also well-known for recruiting talented , young riders onto your team and helping them flourish into worldclass competitors ! When searching for new talent to join the team , what are you looking for in a rider ?
Natural talent ! For instance , that they have a good feeling , an eye for a stride , and a good rapport when riding the horses . They also need to be able to adapt to different types of horses . They have to be able to go from a hot horse to a cold horse and know how to adjust to get the best out of each horse .
Appreciation for how much the horses have to give for the rider to reach their full potential as good horsemanship is key to any successful rider too .
What piece of guidance do you always give young riders to nurture them into top-class , professional riders ?
You need to have confidence in your plan and know how to get the most out of your horse . A partnership between horse and rider will make the horse fight for you in the ring and get you the best results . You also need good horsemanship as you need to be able to identify what a horse needs to perform best , from diet to soundness .
Taking on multiple roles , what do you think is the best part , and what is the hardest part of your job ?
The best part is having a good team around you . Obviously , the goal is winning the big Grand Prix ’ s as it showcases all the team ’ s hard work is paying off and the bond you have with your horse . Winning the prize money isn ’ t a bad plus either !
The worst part is when a partnership ends with one of your top horses . It ’ s always difficult when a relationship ends , no matter if it ’ s through a sale or retirement . The horses always come first and it ’ s sad when you no longer work with them in the same capacity .
With a diary packed with travel for competition , plus your competition yard and new stud yard to run at home , how do you balance work and family life ?
Chloe , my wife , is paramount to my success and is always supportive . When the kids have a holiday from school , we go on family vacations . Also , now that the kids are competing at pony shows , it ’ s nice to support them in their careers too .
It ’ s great having a good team around me so that I can spend some quality time with the family and not have to worry about aspects of my business .
What are your plans for the rest of 2021 ? Are there any rides we should be looking out for on the circuit ?
I am following the LGCT Tour all year and hoping to qualify for the Super Grand Prix during the Prague Playoffs . Alongside my top horse , Z7 Ipswich , I have some very promising young ones that I am enjoying educating to compete at the 5 * shows . I don ’ t like to have favourites but keep an eye out for Vistogrand and Z7 Regal Don .
Finally , can you leave our readers with a piece of advice they should take forward into their own training and competing ?
Confidence is key in any aspect of training . Believe in yourself , believe in your horse , and you can reach any goal ! •