Everything Horse Magazine August 2021 Issue 44 - Page 21

Interview by : Abby Dickinson - Image credits : Ahmed44Photography .
Hi Shane ! With the show jumping circuit back in full swing , we are sure that you have been very busy . Can you fill us in on what you have been up to recently ?
I have been competing on the LGCT Tour with my top horses , Z7 Ipswich , Compelling Z , Kilbarron Rue , and Gait L .
We also had a great 7 weeks out in Italy . I won the 4 * Grand Prix with Z7 Ipswich in Montefalco , as well numerous top placings with some of my up and coming 8- and 9-year-old horses who I ’ m hoping will be some of my next superstars .
I ’ m very excited for the future and have the Europeans , World Equestrian Games , and Paris 2024 in my sights !

“ I always breed from stallions who have shown intelligence and bravery in the ring .” Shane Breen

Earlier this year , Breen Equestrian launched a state-of-the-art breeding facility . What qualities do you look for in your standing stallions ? Why are these qualities essential for competition horses ?
I firstly look for conformation and movement . Two of the most important qualities in a horse you actually can ’ t see – the heart and the brain . The question is , how do we try to pass on these qualities during breeding . So , I always breed from stallions who have shown intelligence and bravery in the ring .
We are very fortunate that our stallions at stud are producing progeny with great confirmation , wonderful balance , and good depth in their girth – the old saying was that if they have a deep girth , they have

With the 4-year-olds , I do approximately 5 shows . I like to put them back in the field again as I believe they don ’ t finish growing until they ’ re 6-year-olds .