Everything Horse Magazine August 2021 Issue 44 - Page 10


Introducing the world ’ s 1st ‘ Equine Smoothie ’ Vending Machine !

Thirst quenching relief for Equine Welfare ”
It is a well-known fact that many horses do not drink enough when traveling to and from shows , especially during the summer heat . Equidiet ( UK ) Ltd have teamed up with Richmond Equestrian Centre to deliver the world ’ s 1st ‘ Equine Smoothie ’ Vending Machine to help to tackle the huge problem of dehydration .
Owner and Proprietor of Richmone EC , Abigail said “ I ’ m delighted to be the first Equestrian Centre to install this machine , we used these products in the past to help with colic on the yard and we think this is a fantastic idea for our visiting customers .”
Developed in the UK by Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapist , Sandra Murphy BSc , the unique patented hydration and nutrition system is used worldwide and allows voluntary uptake of large amounts of water attached to excellent quality soluble fibre .
Equidiet ’ s pioneering concept Equine Nutritional Hydrotherapy allows safe administration of nutrients and allows instant body fluid balance , efficiently , effectively and safely within minutes ( up to 10 litres in under 1 minute voluntarily ).
The company is excited to announce this monumental advance in equine welfare solutions will be made even easier to obtain at Equestrian Centre ’ s across the UK shortly , giving owners total ‘ peace of mind ’ when it comes to ensuring their horses do not suffer dehydration when visiting these establishments and events . Hi-Drate™ will now be available to be purchased from a vending machine on site to fulfil the hydration needs of any horse who requires it .
For more information on how to order a vending machine contact us at : info @ equidiet . org . uk or call ( 0 ) 1472 859593 .