Everyday Apostles June 2018 | Page 5

“Everyone: priests, religious, lay men and women, can acquire the rewards of the apostolate, if all possible means, talent, knowledge, association, professions, occupations, human relationships, material things and prayers are used to renew faith in Jesus Christ and to increase love all over the world, even if all that they are able to do is to pray. Anyone can excel in the good of the apostolate and can indeed even exceed the achievements of the Apostles, because God judges the perfection and value of the work of his creatures according to the intentions of their hearts and according to the abilities of each” (OOCC, III, 145).

Whole person holy. Whole person apostle.

These considerations above lead us to this new e-book, Everyday Apostles. This publication is a bit different from our previous e-books, as it focuses on several of my writings from the past few years. I hope these reflections will also inspire you to lead others to the Christ, being an apostle to all you meet every day.

May the charity of Christ urge us on!

In Christ, Apostle of the Eternal Father,

Fr. Frank