Everyday Apostles June 2018 | Page 30

What Are We Thankful For?

The end of a liturgical year and the beginning of a new one always has readings at Mass related to the end of time and our preparation for the second coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. The situation of the world at the moment gives us an opportunity to stop and reflect on our lives and how we live them. We are challenged to live in and for Christ and for nothing else. As Pope Francis reminds us:

"Before so many lacerations in the world, and the too many wounds in the flesh of men, we ask the Virgin Mary to sustain us in our commitment to imitating Jesus, our King, making present His Kingdom with acts of tenderness, compassion and mercy" (Angelus, November 22, 2015).

During November we reflect particularly on those who have gone before us and keep them in our prayers. We also ask for the prayers of those who have arrived in heaven. Many of the faithful departed were probably models for us of how to live the life of faith. May we learn from their example and be thankful for them!

As the people of the United States celebrate Thanksgiving, we at the Catholic Apostolate Center are thankful for all those who have taught us and continue to show us how to witness Christ in the Church and in the world.

May the charity of Christ urge us on!