Eversight Connecticut Vision Fall 2016 - Page 12

NONPROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID ANN ARBOR, MI PERMIT NO.229 389 John Downey Dr., New Britain, CT 06051 National Donor Sabbath Faith communities around the country will come together this fall in observance of National Donor Sabbath, an annual event designed to raise awareness about the importance of eye, organ and tissue donation. All religions support eye, organ and tissue donation as an act of generosity and compassion. Since people often turn to their faith leaders for help when dealing with life and death issues, National Donor Sabbath provides an opportunity for faith communities to share their views and begin a conversation. Eversight Connecticut can help plan an event within your faith community by providing resources for your worship service. For more information about celebrating National Donor Sabbath, contact Eversight Connecticut at (860) 223-2020. 0929_CT-VISION-Fall2016.indd 12 10/13/16 11:39 AM