Eversight Connecticut Vision Fall 2016 - Page 10

Community Eye Banking Transforming eye and vision care through community focus Our greatest impact comes from relationships with people in the communities we serve­—surgeons, researchers, donor families, recipients, charitable supporters and the public. Working together, we combine our unique experiences and knowledge to tackle the toughest challenges affecting donation, transplantation and eye and vision research. These connections create the framework for the most effective approach to restoring sight and preventing blindness — community eye banking. In an age where many organizations are consolidating operations and reducing locations, Eversight is deeply invested in maintaining localized services and resources through our network of seven community eye banks— in Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio and South Korea. The impact of community eye banks is magnified when we combine our resources and expertise with the support of Eversight Network Services. Eversight Network Services provides a centralized system for managing common operational functions — like donor screening, logistics, clinical policies and procedures, human resources, finance, marketing and information technology — so we can focus on meeting our local needs. See how Eversight Connecticut is bringing the healing power of donation, transplantation and research to people in our community. See the impact of Eversight Connecticut so far this year 375 449 75 Donors gave the gift of sight Recipients received a sight-restoring transplant Donors gave the gift of hope by donating to vision research and education Fall 2016 | V I S I O N | Page 10 0929_CT-VISION-Fall2016.indd 10 10/13/16 11:39 AM