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How Evergen Intelligent Control saves you money
It ’ s simple . Your home solar and battery system is connected to a cloud-based algorithm . This energy intelligence uses up-to-the minute data to make sure your homes system ’ s performance is optimised every minute , every day , saving you even more . By taking 42 separate factors into account such as the weather forecast , the electricity demand profile of the home , the tariff structure and battery characteristics ( to name a few ), our technology will provide you with the maximum Return on Investment which will result in the quickest payback on your expenditure .
Participate in a Virtual Power Plant
When your battery is connected to Intelligent Control , you have the freedom to opt in or out of any eligible VPP that Evergen is operating . A VPP must be available in your area and you can only be in one VPP at a time . ​ ​Learn more about VPPs ​here​ .
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