Event Safety Insights Issue Five | Summer 2018 - Page 38

The moment was perfect , except for the leaking propane tank .

Violent weather is only one of the things that can zap your entertainment business right out of business .
Consider transportation delays and mix-ups . Fire and theft . Vandalism and incompetence . It ’ s a scary world out there . That ’ s why the first step of any event safety plan is having the right insurance .
So ask yourself : Am I covered ? Is my coverage year round ? Am I covered for 100 % of the things I need covered ? If you ’ re not 100 % sure , talk to Take 1 .
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“There is no such thing as a small act of kindness.” -Charlie Hernandez, Sr. There is something to be said for the pow- Roadies for Relief Production Industry Professionals er of music and how it brings people together. Festival sites and touring productions are temporary cities built by the hands of hundreds of workers, from volunteers to vendors, all battling logistics and potentially challenging worksites but coming together to build some- thing that will hopefully leave a positive, lasting impression on fans and attendees. When a natural disaster strikes, sim- ilar rules apply in regards to aiding relief efforts. However, the stakes become multiplied. Reliable lo- gistics and methods of transporta- tion as well having ready access to methods of communication, shel- ter, and resources are factors of which lives now depend on. On September 20, 2017, the Cat- egory 4, Hurricane Maria, struck Puerto Rico, among many other islands off the coast of Flor- ida, killing at least 60 people. According to several news sources, it was the strongest storm to hit a US territory in 89 years. In response, several production industry professionals have stepped up and made the journey to provide aid and assis- tance in relief efforts in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the sur- rounding areas. Among those are Joey Gallagher from Gal- lagher Staging and Joe Bartley from ACES Cargo on behalf of non-profit organization JUSTABUNCHOFROADIES.ORG. Puerto Rico “I had heard that Just a Bunch of Roadies (JABOR) was looking into opportunities to help the people of Puerto Rico. I spoke to Lori Tierney and Charlie Hernandez Sr. and volunteered to do an advance trip to see firsthand where we could help the most,” said Joey Gallagher. Originally Gallagher planned on making the trip solo but after talking to a few others who had already made the journey and hearing about how rough the conditions were, decided to call up long time friend and production industry colleague, Joe Bartley, to join him. Story by Shelby Cude Photos by Joey Gallagher “When [Joey] told me the dates he was thinking about go- ing, which was the week of Christmas, I told him I didn’t think I could make it since my family was planning on visiting. After he told me more about his plans and how he was going to do it alone, I decided it would be a &VǒrWW&ХfVFVW"V6R66VBגf֖ǒF6vRFV"2( 6B&'FWFvWFW"FWfWrF֖֒df'7BvW&RFW7FVB@v'BFBWfW"7VF66W2gVb7WƖW2( vR@FVvBFR6FF2vW&RvrF&RƖRvVvP'&fVB6V'WBFW"7W'&6RFWBgVǒ7F6V@v'G2Bw&6W'7F&W2WB'VrfbvVW&F'2( WЧVBvvW"( ŖR6V@fR6VVW2FR&'6RG'ЦrFfwW&RWBvBFRV&W'0FRFW"62VB( ХW'&fvvW"B&'FWV7V66W76gVǒ6VvBWBdTWfVGVǒ&VF&V7FrFV"f7W0FFR&VB7&72( ėBFW2vPBBb6r&VB'WBvPfǒfVBFV"VGV'FW'2gFW"FƶrFFRvBFPg&BFW6Bf&֖rW"vBvRvW&RG'rFF6Rv0W6FVBf"W2FVB7VvvW7FVBFBvRRbFV ֗762F6VRrFWFFw2vR6vVBWF&FRWFFRVF2FBWBfBBvFW"FVRVVB( 6B&'FWखFR&rvvW"B&'FWWBFW"3fVЧFVW'2BFR&VB7&72VWFr7BvW&RFWvW&R7Ɨ@Fw&W2BG&fRW"FFRVF2FFRW@VWFr7BvW&R62vW&RWV7FrFV( 6V7FFF( BfRvW"Bb&V2BvFWBG&ff0ƖvG2BFRG&frVFRFW&W7Fr6RvRvBWB`6VB&V6RVF&VǒFffW&VB7F'FW&Rv2FRЧ7G'V7FWfW'vW&RVRvW&RvFWBvW"'WB&P'FFǒFWFF( BfR6VG&涖rvFW"6RЦFW2vW&R'Vrd2rF'Vr7G&V2F7&VFPW6gBWFF"6vW"6FW6VB6VFV6VfW26R&V2vW&RB&WGFW"FFW'2'WBf"6RFW7BWfW'Fr6VFrf֖ǒV&W'2( 6BvvW"FV"f'7BFv27V66W722FWvW&R&RFV&W@f֖ƖW2VVB'WBFBv2W7BFR&Vvr( ĦW6RWvFFRFVFBvR6VBvFƲFFRVP6&vRBfwW&RWBvW&RFW&R6rFR7BF6VRbvR6VBfFBfBFWFBW2&WB6FffW&V@&V2FBFWvW&RB&RFV'WBFBBB`VRVVB( 6B&'FW( FBv2vVvRFV6FV@vRvVBFW"v֗762'W'6VfW2Bf7W23