Evans Mission Bay Magazine Issue 3 Summer 2022 | Page 41


BAHIA BELLE This paddle-wheel boat has been serving guests of the Bahia Resort Hotel and Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa since the 1960s , but it has a unique history of its own . Built in 1942 , the boat previously served as a personnel ferry between San Diego ’ s Embarcadero and Navy ships in port . William Evans transformed the boat , originally named the Juanita , into the sternwheeler .
CATAMARAN RESORT HOTEL AND SPA The hotel ’ s unique flora and fauna amplify its Polynesian theme , but many visitors don ’ t realize that the hotel also houses a special bird room . Currently home to seven parrots and 11 ducks , bird handlers work on-site to train the birds and showcase them during special presentations in the spring and summer .
THE LODGE AT TORREY PINES An acclaimed farm-to-table restaurant within The Lodge , A . R . Valentien , is named for an early 1900s San Diego artist who created impressionist paintings , pottery and botanical illustrations . In addition to fresh cuisine and a view overlooking the golf course , diners enjoy a collection of art by the restaurant ’ s iconic namesake .
The newest property in the company ’ s portfolio , The Lodge at Torrey Pines , sits adjacent to the Torrey Pines Golf Course , which hosted the U . S . Open in 2008 and in 2021 . As expected , the iconic course draws golfers from around the world looking to play on the same challenging greens as the pros . The Lodge was built in the California Craftsman style , providing a resort that ’ s upscale while still blending well with its environment . The Spa at Torrey Pines offers relaxing treatments inspired by the ocean and adjacent Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve . And dining options include A . R . Valentien , The Lodge ’ s signature restaurant , as well as The Grill , which features an outdoor grill , rotisserie and oven .
While each resort has its own appeal and audience , they have one important thing in common according to Evans . “ Our hotels have been resources for families and all manner of people seeking rest and relaxation ,” she says . “ So many people have formed wonderful memories .” g
Mission Bay is home to both the Catamaran Resort and Bahia Resort .