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These cocktails served at Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa feature the hotel ’ s signature Catamaran Spiced Rum , which is handmade by local award-winning distiller Malahat Spirits Co .
Cocktails from The Grass Skirt , a tiki bar in San Diego
It sounded like a delicious idea to Lee . “ To be able to collaborate with an iconic hotel like the Catamaran is fantastic ,” he says .
Malahat — named for the five-masted schooner that sailed along the West Coast and supplied fine spirits during Prohibition — makes small batches of meticulously handcrafted rums ( as well as rye whiskey , bourbon whiskey and vodka ), including white , spiced , ginger , black tea and cabernet barrel-aged varieties . For the proprietary rum Tapp requested , Lee started with a base of Malahat ’ s award-winning spiced rum .
Lee had used every herb and spice he could get his hands on when first developing Malahat ’ s spiced rum , ultimately coming up with a blend of about a dozen natural ingredients that give rise to smooth rum with notes of vanilla and cinnamon .
“ To that , Jono wanted to add some fruit notes like citrus , and develop the rum in that direction ,” Lee recalls . After some back-and-forth , the result was the exclusive Catamaran Spiced Rum , handcrafted by Malahat Spirits and served only at the Catamaran Resort .
The rum can be tasted in two signature cocktails served at Catamaran , the Cannibal Colada and Barrel-Aged Mai Tai ( see sidebar for recipes ).
Tapp and Lee have developed several distinct rums since their partnership began in 2017 : the first featured notes of vanilla and natural spices with hints of cinnamon ; the second incorporated orange zest for more of a citrus profile accentuated by star anise and vanilla ; and a third that was aged in a Silver Oak cabernet sauvignon barrel , resulting in a subtle oak flavor as well as some fruity notes from the barrel . For their most recent collaboration , a fourth batch leans toward hints of dark cherry as the focus .
“ Serving up a signature rum cocktail is more than a statement ,” Tapp says . “ It ’ s designed to create memories .”
“ When someone gets married here or attends a joyous occasion , and this rum is a part of their experience , I want them to remember it ,” he says . “ When they return , they can order the rum and the aroma can transcend them back to those joyous memories . That ’ s what I want for our guests .” g
CANNIBAL COLADA The Cannibal Colada has a sweet and juicy flavor that pairs well with the spiced rum finish — a perfect complement to the Southern California climate . The cocktail incorporates fruit puree with a natural pina colada mix . The name is an homage to the popular Cannibal Bar , which was located at Catamaran in the 1980s and 1990s . 1.5 ounces Catamaran Spiced Rum 2 ounces mango papaya puree 2 ounces pina colada mix Slice of pineapple , one cherry and umbrella , for garnish Blend all ingredients with ice . Pour it in a tall glass and garnish with pineapple , cherry and umbrella .
BARREL-AGED MAI TAI The Barrel-Aged Mai Tai is a twist on Catamaran ’ s traditional mai tai , but with a more complex flavor profile due to the barrel aging of the cocktail for roughly a month in a mini oak barrel . The resort ages its signature Catamaran Spiced Rum with Cointreau , orgeat almond syrup and Myers ’ s Rum . The process blends the flavors and mellows the heat of the alcohol while the oak barrel imparts toasted woodsy notes . 1.5 ounces barrel-aged Catamaran Spiced Rum 1.5 ounces fresh lime juice 1 ounce orgeat almond syrup 1 / 4 ounce Myers ’ s Rum , for float Lime wheel and umbrella , for garnish Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake . Pour over ice in a rocks glass . Garnish with a lime wheel and umbrella .