Evans Mission Bay Magazine Issue 2 - Page 39

inspired menus created by innovative chefs, you’ve definitely landed in the right place. MISSION BAY The water is the main draw in Mission Bay. Enduringly popular with families for its many entertainment offerings, this more- than-4,600-acre aquatic wonderland has become an equally trendy destination for visitors without kids in tow. Located near Pacific Beach, Mission Bay is the ideal launch site for a host of water activities from sailing to boating, paddleboarding, surfing, boogie boarding, swimming, kite boarding or simply heading out across the water in two-person FunCats (electric catamarans). If getting below the surface is more your style, an artificial reef composed of shipwrecks—dubbed Wreck Alley—lies a mere half-mile from the coast and offers plenty of opportunities for snor- keling and diving. Boats, paddleboards, bicycles and Segways can be rented at Action million transformation that will feature the diverse habitats of the African continent,” says Robert Arends, public relations man- ager for the San Diego Tourism Authority. He explains that the exhibit, called Africa Rocks, comprises “tropical forest, rocky shorelines and wide savannahs.” Elsewhere in San Diego, the districts of Old Town, Mission Bay and the historic Gaslamp Quarter offer entire worlds worth discovering. Regardless of the season, set off on your own quest along California’s lumi- nous southern coast—and whether your definition of treasure involves history, shop- ping, family adventure, entertainment or Sport Rentals, which has multiple locations. You can also stroll the wide boardwalk, then shake things up at Belmont Park, where oceanfront amusements have been thrilling visitors since 1925. While there, be sure to ride the Giant Dipper, a historic wooden roller coaster that ranks as one of the oldest in the U.S. Other excitements include a three- story Vertical Plunge ride and the swinging Beach Blaster, which takes passengers 60 feet into the air. An outdoor venue called the WaveHouse, home to the FlowBarrel artificial wave ride, lets you test your surfing skills (on a smaller “flowboard”) sans ocean. Other attractions requiring slightly less adrenaline include classic bumper cars, as well as the colorful Liberty Carousel. The park is also the location of Tiki Town Adventure Golf, where you can relax and putt away the afternoon while enjoying sea breezes rolling in from the Pacific. If images of SeaWorld splash to mind, that’s likely because this iconic sea life park Clockwise from top left: Gaslamp Quarter; the San Diego Zoo; Petco Park baseball stadium 39