Evans Mission Bay Magazine Issue 2 - Page 30

San Diego’s craft beer scene is recognized globally for its commitment to quality and taste. BY RYAN RITCHIE O verflowing with more than 120 breweries, it’s no wonder that San Diego is often heralded as the craft beer capital of America. Local producers such as the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. and Stone Brewing Co. are known worldwide for bringing artisanal beer to the masses and it’s this popularity that has inspired a plethora of other brewmasters to innovate in ways that just three decades ago would have seemed impossible. It’s difficult to say exactly when the region’s craft brewing scene began, but many— including San Diego Brewers Guild President Jillian Davidson—look at the 1989 opening of the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. as a pivotal moment for the area and for craft beer. “Karl Strauss is credited as being the oldest [commercial] brewery in San Diego right now,” Davidson says, adding that other breweries were open before that, but they have since shut down. “Right around ’92, Pizza Port in Solana Beach started brewing beer as well.” 30