Evans Mission Bay Magazine Issue 2 - Page 19

away with a feeling of relaxation akin to a beach retreat—a perfect way to slip into the San Diego state of mind. ANCIENT OCEANS RITUAL This 140-minute treatment incorpo- rates products from luxury skin care line Phytomer, which uses marine plants like vitamin-rich, nourishing seaweed in its lineup of ingredients. These products, when coupled with the treatment’s hydrotherapy tub—lit from within by warm, alternating hues to create a unique ambience in the form of color therapy—create an oceanic retreat at the spa. The pampering experience begins with a creamy remineralizing body scrub, followed by a Swiss shower rinse— with the help of 13 shower heads—which feels like standing near a tropical waterfall. The treatment concludes with a body wrap to encourage deep relaxation, a tranquil soak in a hydrotherapy sea salt bath—which pro- motes balance—and a full-body massage, followed by an application of Phytomer lotion for optimal skin hydration. BALNEOTHERAPY The Balneotherapy experience—which can be compared to a soak in a tropical hot spring or relaxing in the warm waters of the South Pacific—also involves a calming bath in a hydrotherapy tub utilizing color therapy. During the 25- or 50-minute treatment, guests immerse themselves in the water and experience being massaged by 30 warm hydrotherapy jets, while simul- taneously being cooled down by ice-cold towels. Meanwhile, Phytomer’s Oligomer Pure Lyophilized Sea Water Bath product (used in the tub) emits 104 trace minerals from seawater, touted for helping to soothe the skin, boost mood and reduce fatigue, among other positive benefits for the body; the effects are similar to those felt after a A Polynesian theme extends to The Catamaran Spa’s massage rooms. day at the beach. The Balneotherapy treat- ment is also finished with an application of Phytomer lotion to moisturize the skin. GINGER DETOX WRAP This treatment utilizes elements that prac- tically replicate the sensory experience of the islands, from tropical fruits to an actual coconut shell that is used as part of the ser- vice. The 80-minute Ginger Detox Wrap incorporates products from Pure Fiji, a line of natural beauty therapies and products that use nut and plant extracts, tropical fruits and flowers and coconut oil—varying blends of which have been used by people in the South Pacific islands for centuries and result in smoother, softer skin. The treatment for guests begins with a massage using a warm herbal poultice, a plant-based material known to reduce soreness and inflammation. Then, guests are enveloped in a detoxifying herbal wrap that includes ginger root—which aids in removing toxins and reducing inflammation—orange, grape- fruit and lemon, among other fruits, herbs and spices. Next, warm coconut oil is mas- saged into the scalp, poured directly from a coconut shell, followed by a rinse in the Swiss shower. Finally, coconut oil is applied to the entire body to nourish the skin, let- ting guests take a piece of the Fijian islands with them. n 19