Evans Mission Bay Magazine Issue 2 - Page 13

paddleboarding, kayaking and more. And, since this body of water is split into multiple speed zones, you can pick the best area to safely try out your preferred activity. Steve Pinard, owner of Action Sport Rentals (ASR), is an expert on local water sports. After graduating from Maine Maritime Academy with a degree in yacht operations and marina management, Pinard moved to San Diego and eventually created his rental company, now in operation for 23 years with seven locations including sites at Bahia Resort Hotel and Catamaran Resort Hotel and Spa. ASR offers water-based activities for all ages and skill levels, from WaveRunners to motorboats, sailboats, kay- aks, stand-up paddleboards (SUP) and more. Here, Pinard offers tips on making the most of water sports in Mission Bay. BACK TO BASICS Getting out on the water for the first time can be daunting for those unaccustomed to participating in water sports, but Pinard has one piece of advice for beginners: Don’t be intimidated. There are a plethora of options for those who are just getting their toes wet. For newcomers, Pinard recommends kay- aking and SUP. “It’s really accessible,” he says of the latter. “You can do it almost anywhere there’s water.” Additionally, these two sports require little equipment or training, and no special certifications or permits. There are even boards and kayaks built specifically for beginners that offer increased stability. And yet, despite their ease, both kayaking and paddleboarding provide plenty of exercise. “It’s really good for your core,” Pinard says of paddleboarding, while kayaking also provides a full-body workout. But most of all, the two activities are perfect comple- ments for Mission Bay’s serene setting— and both are tons of fun. ADVANCED LEVEL For those already accustomed to the water, there are many opportunities to increase your adrenaline and take your skills to new heights. Water-skiing and wakeboarding are both high-speed activities offered by ASR. Also thrilling, WaveRunners are best suited for the older crowd; you must be at least 18 and have a valid driver’s license to ride one. More advanced activities take a while to master: Sailing requires a high level of phys- ical coordination and an awareness of your surroundings to keep yourself (and others) safe. But sailing across the bay on a beauti- ful day, feeling the breeze in your hair, is the reward for all that practice. Where to Go Consider these top places for ocean activities around San Diego, whether you’re an advanced water sport enthusi- ast or just looking to get your feet wet. SAIL BAY FAMILY OPTIONS For families seeking calmer outings, ASR provides that, as well. Kids will love the Aqua-Cycles—oversized tricycles with floating wheels—which can fit up to three people. Larger groups may want to try out an electric Duffy boat, for up to 10 people. But if the kids—or mom and dad—are eager to engage in more active water sports, life vests are always on hand and the employees at ASR make sure to offer as much instruction as needed, going in-depth on how to stay safe and have a blast. In Mission Bay, there’s a little something for everyone out on the water. As Pinard says, water sports are what San Diego is all about. “We’re known for our amazing weather, our beautiful oceans, our perfect beaches,” he says. “It’s just a perfect spot to try this.” n “There’s no motorboats racing around during the middle of the day,” says Steve Pinard, owner of Action Sport Rentals, about Sail Bay—his pick for sailing, kayaking and paddleboarding. From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. May 1 through Oct. 31, it’s a restricted speed zone. With no danger of getting hurt by a speeding motorboat, beginners and fam- ilies trying out water sports together can take their time. FIESTA ISLAND Waters near Fiesta Island offer an open speed zone area, which makes it perfect for adrenaline junkies looking to try out faster, more challenging water sports like water-skiing. HIDDEN COVE According to Pinard, Hidden Cove is a great area for swim- ming thanks to its calm waters. Families with kids, especially, should seek out this spot for its safety. TOURMALINE SURFING PARK Pinard points out world-famous Tourmaline Surf Park as the per- fect place for those interested in trying out surfing during their vacation. For those in need of lessons, Mission Bay Aquatic Center can have you out on the waves in no time. Sailboats are just one way to explore the bay. 13