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The Middle East is haunted by its history . In ancient history , it was the cradle of monotheistic religions and it is still torn by the conflicts within and between those belief systems . In modern history , it was divided by the imperial ambitions of the West and consequences reverberate to the present day .
With such intractable problems , is any discussion of television or the wider media a distraction ; a misdirection of attention to the trivial and superficial ? We often complain of triviality and superficiality in the Western media , and they are often guilty as charged . But they are also capable of being engines of social cohesion through shared experience , and platforms for peaceful political discourse , no matter how imperfect .
So , media where it succeeds is to be applauded and where it struggles it is to be encouraged . More investment , better regulation and , crucially , the training and knowledge transfer to build robust local production are all required .
Elsewhere we report on the impact of President Trump with net neutrality under threat and a promised regulatory bonfire presaging yet more consolidation M & A .
And in Europe , among others , we look at BT and the regulator win in having its broadband infrastructure business legally separated . After the success of the EE takeover , BT has stumbled badly with accounting scandals , loss of corporate clients , poor customer ratings and accusations of overpaying for TV content . With Brexit worries keeping the pound at record lows , will a buyer overcome their own nerves about where a company with ‘ British ’ in its name will stand in a couple of years ?
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