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Key satellites for MENA
13 º East HOTBIRD 13B , 13C , 13E A unique bridge for Arab communities living in Europe and Europeans living in MENA .
7 º East EUTELSAT 7A & 7B New video hotspot for South-East Europe , Turkey , the Middle East .
7 / 8 º West EUTELSAT 7 WEST A & 8 WEST B The Number 1 broadcast neighbourhood in MENA with 250m TV viewers . a potential cable subscriber base of 550m homes .
Two more Ultra HD channels have also launched on HOTBIRD . Fashion TV ’ s new Ultra HD channel , FTV UHD and Travelxp 4K , the world ’ s first 4K travel channel , have chosen HOTBIRD ’ s market-leading penetration into cable and IPTV networks across Europe and MENA .
Building on the one-of-a-kind Fashion TV brand , FTV UHD is setting a new standard in fashion and lifestyle broadcasting through original programming on style and trends offered with exceptional image quality .
FTV UHD ’ s CEO , Michel Adam Lisowski , commented : “ We are excited to pursue our commitment to the highest quality of broadcasting standards through an Ultra HD channel offering Eutelsat ’ s HOTBIRD homes exceptional images of the latest fashion events from around the world .”
Available in seven languages , Travelxp 4K features world class travel programmes filmed all over the world . The 4K channel follows the success of Travelxp HD , which offers 100 % originally-produced premium travel and lifestyle programming distributed to over 50m homes globally .
Travelxp 4K CEO , Prashant Chothani , commented : “ Travelxp 4K is all about bringing the world to homes in stunning resolution . It ’ s not just about more pixels in 4K but better pixels . We are proud to reinforce our partnership with Eutelsat and to benefit from their vast knowledge of the Ultra HD broadcasting chain . Joining the HOTBIRD neighbourhood and gaining access to a unique and ethnically diverse population pool is a natural step for us that will fast-track penetration of Travelxp 4K into homes across Europe , North Africa and the Middle East .”
Eutelsat added : “ The launch of FTV UHD and Travelxp 4K is new evidence of the move by content producers to Ultra HD . Their trust in
“ We are proud to reinforce our partnership with Eutelsat .” - Prashant Chothani , Travelxp 4K
Eutelsat reflects our commitment to delivering service that guarantees viewers an enriched and unrivalled Ultra HD experience . We are proud
Multiscreen delivery with SmartBEAM
Eutelsat ’ s SmartBEAM service provides a satellite-based solution for multiscreen video delivery to connected devices and WiFi Hotspots .
SmartBEAM is a game-changer for extending access to video content on mobile devices beyond terrestrial networks and has a competitive edge for mass market delivery of OTT services via satellite .
The service enables broadcasters and pay-TV operators to leverage the ubiquitous coverage of satellites to broadcast video content in IP format , creating a network that is completely dedicated to IPnative terminals , including tablets and smartphones . SmartBEAM works with any WiFi-enabled device , supporting instant channel change , DRM security and low latency .
Tricolor TV , the operator of one of the world ’ s fastest-growing TV platforms , is already preparing to launch SmartBEAM to complement its linear Pay-TV service in Russia , going beyond the four walls of user homes to reach viewers on their mobile devices .
to support these new channels and look forward to accelerating their distribution across the vast footprint provided by our HOTBIRD video neighbourhood .”
Overall , the exciting Middle East and North Africa market is a crucial focus for Eutelsat as broadcasters look to attract new audiences , launch new services and connect with people in their homes and on the move .
Deliver the best experience and maximum choice
Manoto TV , the popular Persian-language channel , has recently completed its switch in SD and HD versions to the EUTELSAT 7B satellite . The channel is now available exclusively from Eutelsat ’ s HOTBIRD satellites and EUTELSAT 7B , which together form a single neighbourhood for Persian-speaking viewers in Europe , the Middle East and Iran .
More than two million HOTBIRD homes in Iran are already equipped for dual-feed reception from HOTBIRD and the adjacent EUTELSAT 7B satellite to benefit from the superior image quality of Manoto TV in HD and a diverse lineup of free-to-air content .
Robert Le Merle , Manoto ’ s operations director said : “ Manoto TV has become the most popular Persian-language channel by staying ahead of the competition . Viewer expectations
“ Eutelsat are rising all shares our the time . The audience won ’ t vision .” - Robert settle for cheap
Le Merle , pop-up channels
Manoto TV anymore . We
want to deliver the best experience for our viewers with larger scale production and high resolution pictures . We are working with Eutelsat to deliver premium quality entertainment into this growing market . Many satellite providers in this territory can only grab shortterm opportunities . We need to work with a company that has a vision for the future . “ Eutelsat shares our vision .”