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The glimmer of gold dōTERRA’s sourcing experts recognised the challenges Ramekwal and his fellow growers faced and designed their relationship to alleviate the stresses of their trade. As a dōTERRA sourcing partner, Ramekwal is no longer responsible for the pre-sale cleaning, boiling, and drying. Instead, pre-distillation preparation is outsourced to local women, giving them unprecedented access to fair wage employment. With more time and manpower, Ramekwal can now focus efforts on production expansion. With dōTERRA as a guaranteed buyer, the market uncertainty and instability Ramekwal faced each season is now in the past. Now, Ramekwal receives competitive compensation for his turmeric, and always on time. His income has increased by 25 percent and his seasonal yield has swelled from just over one ton to forty tons of turmeric. With these new conditions working in his favour, Ramekwal can afford to invest in a future previously unimaginable. He can continue to expand his turmeric production with confidence, knowing that when he yields a high-quality crop, an ethical sales opportunity and a trusted partner will be there. Reaping other fruits Explosive production and climbing profits have certainly changed the landscape of the Saha family’s future, but nothing is sweeter to Ramekwal and his wife than the enrolment of all eight of their children in school. For this dedicated, golden-palmed father, turmeric farming has always been about sowing seeds of hope for his children's futures. / 7