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Faith In Deeds Laura Groff has been supporting orphaned and abandoned children in India for many years. She was first introduced to Faith In Deeds when her cousin married the founder, Thomas Mollhagen. Thomas grew up in the slums of India before being sent to an orphanage and finally adopted by a family in Michigan. During a trip back to India to locate his birth family, Thomas recognised the great need in India to support orphaned children, and Laura quickly got onboard. Laura felt a strong desire to assist in the valuable work Faith In Deeds was doing, but without money to donate to the operation, she wasn’t sure how she could make a difference. Inspired and encouraged by dōTERRA’s humanitarian vision, Laura and Blue Diamond leader, Christy Fechser, decided to contact dōTERRA Healing Hands ™ for help. Laura quickly organised a fundraiser in her community to collect donations of dōTERRA products and essential oils, which dōTERRA Healing Hands™ matched to double her impact. She then travelled to India to share the products with 50+ children living in a home established by Thomas. “ Often times it seems too overwhelming or too difficult when you stop and think about the enormity of the world’s problems, but this project illustrated that by just taking small steps our actions can have a big impact on the lives of other people. There is no limit to what we can accomplish when we come together.” —Laura Groff, Wellness Advocate 26 EUROPE LIVING MAGAZINE