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Wellness Advocate Partner Projects The mission of dōTERRA Healing Hands ™ is to provide every family, individual, and community in the world with health and prosperity. We’ve partnered with dedicated Wellness Advocates who sponsor humanitarian projects across the globe. Below are stories of those impacted by these efforts. MamaBaby Kits At age 17 Gangamaya Gole married, which made her ineligible to continue in school. Two years later, she found herself pregnant and alone. As a young girl living in southern Nepal, Gangamaya had slim chances of acquiring any income-generating skills; each day as her body and her baby grew, she feared she would have no way to support herself and the child on her own. As her delivery approached, it dawned on Gangamaya that she didn’t even have the basic necessities to care for her newborn. Fortunately, the hospital where Gangamaya gave birth had recently been renovated in partnership with dōTERRA Healing Hands™. With a new heating system and updated birthing rooms, Gangamaya had a safe, comfortable delivery. New mother Gangamaya and her sleeping babe were soon gifted a MamaBaby Kit, also donated by dōTERRA Healing Hands™. Overjoyed, she opened the kit to find all of the essentials she was hoping to give her baby — clothes, oil, and soap — all packaged in a backpack that she could use as a diaper bag. 24 EUROPE LIVING MAGAZINE