EU Living Magazine v6 English - Page 20

SET THE HOUSE AGLOW The glow of candles transforms the atmosphere of your home, casting a warm light on the space and the memories made there. Add ambience to the kitchen. A few twinkling tea lights on your kitchen counter will add a special something to your baking sessions. Light the little spaces. Be it a ledge of a bathtub or the corner of a desk, the hidden corners of our homes could do with a little illumination. Placing candles in small spaces is both homey and beautiful. Scent your spaces with candles. In the true spirit of hygge, swap out the diffuser for homemade essential oil-infused candles. Try this simple candle recipe for a natural, non-toxic glow. Soy candles don’t give off soot like paraffin candles and last longer than candles made from animal products. 20 EUROPE LIVING MAGAZINE