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BE A breakfast superhero Empower your kids in the kitchen with these simple, nutrition-packed recipes. With a little help and encouragement, your kids can easily whip up delicious, nutritious breakfasts for the whole family. Our kid-tested recipes deliver on taste while sneaking in essential oils for an added health boost. Try making these recipes with your kids, supervise as needed, and watch your child become the new hero of your morning routine. Fresh and Easy Lemon Yoghurt Parfait Ingredients 245 g plain Greek yogurt 200 g strawberries or your fruit of choice 75 g low-sugar granola 1-2 drops Lemon Oil Instructions • Stir 1-2 drops of Lemon oil into yogurt • Add yogurt, fruit, and granola in alternating layers to a cup or jar. • Enjoy! 12 EUROPE LIVING MAGAZINE