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shrinks and you end up living what I call a small life. But you don’t see it yourself until your life expands and you look back and realise how everything has shifted. So, for me, dōTERRA opens doors towards a greater life. The lifestyle helps you expand and in turn, your life opens up. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE OIL AND HOW DO YOU USE IT? HOW DID YOU HEAR ABOUT dōTERRA AND WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO JOIN? I first heard about dōTERRA in 2013 through social media and to be honest, it was the business model that got my attention. I was looking for an opportunity to leave my corporate job and to start my own business but at the time I wasn’t ready to say “yes” to dōTERRA, so it wasn’t until years later that I decided to take the leap. Looking back, I can now see what was standing in my way; my limited beliefs around wellness and this was preventing me from living the life I wanted. As I became more familiar with the company, I finally understood what dōTERRA was all about and from there my life changed completely. HOW HAS dōTERRA HELPED YOUR FAMILY? The dōTERRA lifestyle is magical; nature’s pure botanicals are brought into our homes, our bodies and our souls to remind us of who we are and how we can reach our highest potential. dōTERRA products help to bring our bodies back to equilibrium. Our bodies can rejuvenate, repair and restore. My family are more healthy and vibrant and we have the drive, energy and power to make an impact on the world. I am empowered by nature. When you feel strong and well, you change how you think and act in the world. Life opens up around you. When you don’t feel good, it creates tension in your body and mind, which makes you contract; not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. When this happens, your life and how you perceive the world I have been using Oregano, Green Mandarin and Peppermint. I also never miss a day without Balance; it makes me feel grounded. Balance keeps me stable when I feel the world is spinning too fast. WHAT dōTERRA PRODUCTS DO YOU USE DAY-TO-DAY? During the day I am all about high-vibe energy and at night I aim to have deep-quality rest. I use dōTERRA DDR Prime™, PB Assist™+, LLV, ZenGest™, TerraZyme, Mito2Max™, and dōTERRA Serenity™ Softgels every day; my dōTERRA essentials. My favourite skincare line is dōTERRA Veráge™ and I incorporate Yarrow|Pom into my routine to calm and uplift my skin. My skin needs a break because I am smiling all the time! SHARE ONE OR MORE OF YOUR FAVOURITE OIL TIPS? Keep oils within reach by making small oil-stations around your home. Instead of using many drops of different oils all at once, try using smaller amounts of different oils several times throughout the day, in a variety of ways. WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? The oils - combined with this amazing culture - teach us how to treat one another with empathy and compassion, and ultimately, how to live in harmony and peace. A modern, typical lifestyle creates separation in our lives and the essential oils are like nectar for those who feel separated; the oils guide teachers and leaders on the path toward a greater life. And for the community itself, the essential oils are like glue, creating strong bonds and everlasting relations. This is healing and the world needs it. / 11